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EniSorb Molecular Sieve Introduction and Application

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Molecular sieve is a kind of aluminosilicate compound with cubic crystal lattice. There are many pores with uniform pore size and large surface area in the structure. Because water molecules are continuously removed after heating, the structure of the crystal skeleton remains unchanged, and many cavities of the same size are formed. The cavities are connected by many micropores with the same diameter. Molecules with small diameters are adsorbed into the pores, and molecules larger than the pores are excluded. It has the function of "sieving" molecules with different shapes, sizes, polarities, boiling points and saturation levels, so it is called molecular sieve.

Molecular sieve types commonly used in the gas industry:
Type A: Potassium (3A), Sodium(4A), Calcium(5A)
Type X: Calcium (10X), Sodium (13X)
Type Y: Sodium, Calcium

Molecular Sieve has strong moisture absorption capacity and is used for gas purification treatment. Please avoid direct exposure to the air during storage. Molecular sieves that have been stored for a long time and have absorbed moisture should be regenerated before use. Molecular sieve should avoid oil and liquid water, and should avoid contact with oil and liquid water.

EniSorb 3A Molecular Sieve
3A molecular sieve refers to potassium type aluminosilicate. 3A molecular sieve can adsorb molecules with a critical diameter not greater than 3 Angstroms (0.3nm). It is used in drying of unsaturated hydrocarbon gases (such as ethylene, propylene, butadiene, etc.), drying of liquids (such as ethanol, etc.). 3A molecular sieve is the preferred desiccant for the deep drying, refining and polymerization of gas and liquid phases in the petroleum and chemical industries.
Application of 3A molecular sieve:
  1. Refrigerant drying
  2. Cracking gas drying
  3. Natural gas drying
  4. Dehydration of gas or air in insulating glass
  5. Dehydration of methanol, ethanol and other polar compounds
  6. Dehydration of unsaturated hydrocarbons (such as ethylene, propylene, butadiene).

EniSorb 4A Molecular Sieve
4A molecular sieve refers to sodium aluminosilicate. It is basic type of molecular sieve, which is economic option for dehydration. 4A molecular sieve can adsorb molecules with a critical diameter not greater than 4 Angstroms (0.4nm), and can adsorb water, methanol, hydro gen sulfide (H2S), carbon dioxide (CO2), sulfur dioxide (SO2), ethylene (C2H4), propylene, etc.
Application of 4A molecular sieve:
  1. Drying of refrigerants and air in air valves.
  2. Removal of carbon dioxide (CO2), ammonia and methanol from air streams.
  3. Drying and purification of hydrocarbons, such as CNG natural gas, LPG, air, inert gases and atmospheric
  4. Drying of electronic components, medicines, and food.

EniSorb 5A Molecular Sieve
5A molecular sieve refers to calcium aluminosilicate. The 5A molecular sieve can adsorb molecules with a critical diameter not greater than 5A. It can be separated from branched chain hydrocarbons and cyclic hydrocarbons through selective adsorption process. At present, it is used in large-scale normal isoparaffin separation process in industry.
Application of 5A molecular sieve:
  1. Separation of normal isoparaffins in petrochemical industry
  2. Purification of hydro gen (H­2) and oxygen (O2) by pressure swing adsorption (PSA) process
  3. Drying and purification of petroleum, natural gas and other industrial gases, removing impurities such as water (H2O), carbon dioxide (CO2) and sulfur (H2S, SO2) from gas streams.
EniSorb 13X Molecular Sieve
13X molecular sieve is an alkali metal aluminosilicate. The 13X molecular sieve in the form of sodium salt has an effective pore size of 10 angstroms and adsorbs molecules not larger than 10 angstroms (1nm). It can be used for catalyst carriers, water and carbon dioxide (CO2) co-adsorption, water and hydro gen sulfide gas (H2S) co-adsorption, and is mainly used for drying and compressed air systems.  
Application of 13X molecular sieve:
  1. Deep drying of air and gas (dew point -70℃)
  2. Remove hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and mercaptans from hydrocarbons and natural gas;
  3. Remove carbon dioxide and moisture in air (air pre-purification) and other gases;
  4. Separate oxygen (O2) from air, protect catalysts, and remove oxides from hydrocarbons.
In addition to the traditional molecular sieves, many specialized molecular sieves have been extended during years of research and development, such as:
GPH-5 molecular sieve for hydro gen production
GPM-3 dedicated molecular sieve for air separation
13X-HP molecular sieve for pressure swing adsorption oxygen production
Li-X special molecular sieve for pressure swing adsorption and vacuum pressure swing adsorption
CMS-200 220 240 260 Molecular Sieve for Nitrogen Generator
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