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Pingxiang Gophin Chemical provides professional technical support and high quality chemical products. As a professional manufacturer and exporter of Molecular Sieve, Activated Alumina, Silica Gel, Container Desiccant, Ceramic Balls and Tower Packing, our products have already sold to more than 60 countries, widely used in medial & industrial oxygen, nitrogen, Hydro gen generator, cryogenic air separation, petrochemical and dehydration industry. We have facility in Jiangxi and Henan, annual capacity is 10000-15000MT. You can depend on our knowledgeable staff to provide solutions in all application of the material.
Best price, high quality and on-time delivery are our promises to our clients. Gophin Chemical is committed to prompt personal and professional customer service. We know our business so that we can be more responsive to yours.
Hot Selling
Orange to Green Indicating Silica Gel
Color indicating: orange to green
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Blue Indicating Silica Gel
Humidity indicating: blue to pink
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Carbon Molecular Sieve
Application: VPSA PSA nitrogen generator for food and industrial use.
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Air Drying Desiccant Activated Alumina A05
Application: Air compressor, air dryer, vacuum pump
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Activated Molecular Sieve Powder
Application: polyurethane polymer additive dehydration.
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EniSorb-WS Silica Alumina Gel
Water resistant Alumina Silica Gel WS for natural gas water dew point control
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PSA VPSA Oxygen Zeolite
Carbon Molecular Sieve for Nitrogen Generator