Blue Indicating Silica Gel

Item No.: EniSorb-BSG
Humidity indicating: blue to pink
  • Size: 1-3mm, 2-4mm, 3-5mm, 4-8mm
  • Water absorption: >30%
  • Package: Kraft paper bag, drum, super sack
  • MOQ: 750kg
  • Lead time: 7-10 days
  • Description
      EniSorb BS blue silica gel is a type of desiccant with humidity indicating function. After absorbing moisture, it turns from blue to red, visually indicating the relative humidity of the given environments. When being used with ordinary silica gel or drier, it indicates to which extent the drier absorbs the moisture and judges the relative humidity of a given environment. It is widely used as silica gel drier for the packing of the precision instruments, leathers, shoes, clothes, foodstuffs, medicines and household electric appliances…etc. 
    Item EniSorb BS Blue Silica Gel
    Application Drying and indicating drying degree or moisture for precise instrument, pharmacy, petrochemical, food, costume, leather, household apparatus, aviation, military industry, high building, power industry and
    other industrial air treatment…etc.
    Absorptive Capacity
    RH=20% ≥8.0
    RH=35% ≥13.0
    RH=50% ≥20.0
    RH=90% ≥30.0
    Size 1-3mm, 2-4mm, 3-5mm, 4-8mm…etc.
    Thermal Conductivity ( KJ/m.Hr.) 0.63
    Wear Ratio (%) ≤3.0
    Qualified Size Ratio (%) ≥96.0
    LOI (%) ≤1.0
    Bulk Density (g/ml) ≥0.75
    Humidity Indicating
    Color RH=20% Blue / Light Blue
    RH=35% Purple / Mauve
    RH=90% Light Red
    Package 25kg/plastic bag, or 150kg/drum