New! Air Separation GPM-3 Molecular Sieve

Item No.: GPM-3
Application: 21% CO2 absorption for air separation
  • Size: 1.6-2.5mm
  • Water Absorption: ≥30%
  • Crushing Strength: ≥30N/pc
  • Bulk Density: 0.66±0.03g/ml
  • Package: carton, steel drum, super sack
  • MOQ: 500kg
  • Sample: ok
  • Description
    EniSorb GPM-3 molecular sieve is a kind of crystalline silicon aluminate, due to its three-dimensional pore structure and strong polarity, it is designed in deep removal of H2O and CO2 in air separation process, and desulfurization (H2S, mercaptane) in liquid nitrogen Hydro gen compounds and natural gas treatment.
    Compare to ordinary 13X-APG molecular sieve, it increase CO2 absorption by 70%, significantly reduce energy consumption, crushing strength is much higher, which could extend lifetime of molecular sieve.

    Technical Properties
    Item EniSorb Molecular Sieve GPM-3
    Shape Sphere
    Size 1.6-2.5mm
    Application -H2O, CO2 deep removal in air separation process. -Desulfurization (H2S, mercaptane) in liquid nitrogen hydro gen compounds and natural gas
    Static water adsorption (%) RH50% 25 ≥30
    Static CO2 absorption (%)25℃, 2mmHg ≥5.5
    Static CO2 absorption (%)25℃, 250mmHg ≥21
    Bulk density (g/ml) 0.66±0.03
    Crushing strength (N) ≥30
    Wear ratio (%) ≤0.30
    Water content, as shipped (%) ≤1.5
    Package Carton, Steel drum, Supersack.