H2 Purification GPH-5 Molecular Sieve

Item No.: GPH-5
Application: Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA) H2 Generator
  • Size: 1.6-2.5mm
  • Water Absorption: ≥25
  • Crushing Strength: ≥30/pc
  • Bulk Density: 0.74±0.02g/ml
  • Package: 150kg/steel drum
  • MOQ: 500kg
  • Sample: Ok
  • Description
    EniSorb GPH-5 molecular sieve, it has developed three-dimensional pore structure with 0.5nm pore size. It is designed in Pressure swing absorption (PSA) hydro gen generator, oxygen generator, carbon monoxide generator and separation of normal and iso-paraffins

    Technical Parameter
    Item EniSorb GPH-5Molecular Sieve
    Shape Sphere
    Size 1.6-2.5mm
    Application -PSA H2 Hydro gen generator                        
    -PSA O2 Oxygen generator                                
    -PSA CO Carbon monoxide Generator
    -Separation of normal and iso-paraffins
    Static water adsorption (%) RH75% 25 ≥25
    Static N2 absorption (%) 25, 760mmHg ≥11
    Static CO absorption (%) 25, 760mmHg ≥28
    Bulk density (g/ml) 0.74±0.02
    Crushing strength (N) ≥30
    Wear ratio (%) ≤0.30
    Water content, as shipped (%) ≤1.5
    Package Carton, Steel drum, Supersack.