Metal Fenske Spiral Ring

Item No.: FENSKE
Material: SS304 SS316 SS316L…etc.
  • Material: SS304 SS304L SS316 SS316L SS410 Carbon Steel...etc.
  • Size: 2.5mm 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 7mm 8mm
  • Package: Plastic bag, Carton
  • MOQ: 1 Litre
  • Lead time: 7-10days
  • Description
    The Fenske Spiral ring is made of wound wire, triangular spiral filler; Fenske spiral is similar to its shape and springs, also known as the triangle spring filler. It is the difference between the spring winding circle is not round but each triangle, circle and circle the triangle between the staggered certain angle, so triangular spiral filler, Fenske spiral packing direction from the end to see such a polygonal packing more efficient, but compared to the ring packing, the resistance slightly larger, mainly for the laboratory.  

     Technical Data
    Fenske Spiral Ring
    Material SS304 SS316 SS316L…etc.
    Dimension Tower Diameter Theoretical plate Material Operating Absolute Pressure
    mm mm pcs/m    
    2.5x2.5 50 60-70 Benzene, Cl4C Normal pressure
    3x3 50 50-80 Benzene, Cl4C Normal pressure
    4x4 50 25-40 Benzene, Cl4C Normal pressure
    5x5 50 20-30 Benzene, Cl4C Normal pressure
    6x6 82 14-20  Ammonia 3kg/cm2 pressure
    7x7 82 11-13 Ammonia 3kg/cm2 pressure
    7x7 96 8-10 N-Heptance, Toluene Normal pressure
    8x8 82 10-11 Ammonia Normal pressure
    Container 1Litre PE bag + Carton.