Metal Cascade Mini Ring

Item No.: MCMR
Size: 17mm 25mm 34mm 43mm 51mm 66mm 86mm 131mm
  • Material: SS304 SS304L SS316 SS316L SS410 Carbon Steel...etc.
  • Size: 0P 1P 1.5P 2P 2.5P 3P 4P 5P
  • Package: Plastic bag, carton, supersack
  • MOQ: 1 cubic meter
  • Lead time: 7-10 days
  • Description
    Metal Cascade-Mini Ring has one or two bevel edges in their sidepieces, are of more mechanical strength and better gas through capacity than pall rings. In random packed tower, most of the rings point contact (not linearity contact) to each other, contribute to the liquid film liquidity and mass transfer efficiency. Kelley's Metal cascade-mini rings are widely used in petroleum, chemicals, Chlor-Alkali and environmental industries.

    Technical Data
    Metal Cascade Mini Ring
    Material SS304 SS316 SS316L SS410…etc.
    Dimension No. per volume Surface Area Free Volume Dry Packing Factor
    Type ODxIDxHxThk mm pcs m2/m3 % m-1
    0P 17x15x6x0.3 530000 427 94 55
    1P 25x22x8x0.3 150000 230 96 40
    1.5P 34x29x11x0.3 60910 198 97 29
    2P 43x38x14x0.4 33170 164 97 22
    2.5P 51x44x17x0.4 17900 127 97 17
    3P 66x57x21x0.4 8800 105 98 14
    4P 86x76x29x0.4 5000 90 98 10
    5P 131x118x41x0.6 1480 65 98 7
    Container 20GP 40GP 40HQ
    Plastic bag, supersack, Carton 25m3 54m3 68m3